Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Words on the importance of exchanges from Tadakazu Fujiwara,  MCIV intern from Japan:

“People need to have good experiences in order to establish integrity. Visiting different  areas, meeting other people, and communicating to them are amazing opportunities for human growth. That is a kind of actual training of communication not only for communication skills but also for getting good influence from others. This is the reason why exchange is so important. From exchange, we can get practical experiences that are not available only in studying at a desk.”

“Especially, in the modern world, we have more and more chances to work with foreign people who have different cultural backgrounds. There is also a possibility of causing misunderstanding and prejudice. To avoid such bad things from happening, we have to know the diversity of this world, about different cultures, different ways of life and different ways of thinking. It is very difficult to understand and accept different cultures immediately, but not impossible. Exchanging ideas and opinions with other people who have a different way of thinking is interesting and gives us good stimulus and inspiration. And getting new information about the world we did not know is useful for building networking with other countries. Exchange across countries will be getting more and more important.”


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