Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Youth Ambassador Program 2016


Megan Lamach, a 16-year-old student at Capital High School in Helena, Montana, was recently selected for the Youth Ambassadors Program.  She heard about the program from her Grandmother, Jane Amdahl, and she decided to apply.  Now, on April 23, she will be flying out of Helena, MT headed for Washington, D.C.  She will stay in Washington, D.C. for 5 days before departing for her ultimate destination, Brasilia, Brazil.  Megan’s entire trip will span three weeks; she will return to Helena on May 14.

The Youth Ambassadors Program intends to unite students and mentors from different countries and cultures.  It emphasizes leadership skills as well as preparing students to make positive contributions to their home communities.  Another goal of the program is to encourage relationships between youth from different social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.  The program brings together students from the United States and South America to promote mutual understanding.  The Youth Ambassadors Program is run by World Learning and receives funding from the United States Department of State and the United States Embassy in Brazil.

Megan participates in Upward Bound at Capital High School,  a program that teaches leadership and prepares high school students for college.  Both of Megan’s parents are remarried, so she has many siblings: 2 brothers, 1 half-sister, and 4 step-brothers.  Megan loves kids and animals, and her favorite subject in school is biology.  A sophomore in high school, Megan thinks she wants to either pursue a career as a doctor, or as a veterinarian.


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