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This past May, Megan Lamach, a student at Capital High traveled to Brazil to participate in a Youth Ambassadors Program. This program furthered her study in leadership and cultural interaction. She is the first person from Helena to engage in an international program of this sort.

While in Brazil, Megan and other students in the program volunteered at the local soup kitchen, toured coffee farms and colleges, and went on hikes to hidden waterfalls. They also took part in Portuguese classes and capoeira dance classes.

By far, the most influential part of the experience was staying with a host family. She spent time with her host sibling, met other teens, and learned about their culture and lifestyle. The students were able to explore downtown, and go out for ice cream in the evenings after a long day of learning.

Staying with a host family allowed Megan to learn more about the Brazilian culture, and strengthen her Portuguese. The bonds formed between her and the host family were irreplaceable. They shared memories they will never forget, even if they may not see each other again.

While there, the students each created a long-term project they will continue to work on in furthering their leadership skills. Megan hopes to work with elementary school children to peak their interest in learning.

Megan plans to continue her focus by participating in a business skills and leadership program in Butte later this summer. She also looks forward to meeting the Iraqi and Mexican students who will be visiting Helena in July in a similar program.

She heard about this program from her grandmother, who is involved in hosting students in similar programs in our Helena community.


A view of the rooftops in Brazil.

Megan with friends looking out over Brazil.IMG-20160510-WA0023

Megan with the many friends she made during her trip to Brazil.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Montana Youth Leadership Program

Monday, July 18 the students visiting from Iraq will attend a Native American Powwow by the Last Chance Community Powwow performers on the Carroll College campus.  Students and staff from Montana Youth Leadership Program (MYLF) will be hosting the Iraqi students and WorldMontana staff.

MYLF is a program for high school students with disabilities.  Through the program delegates develop leadership plans and skills to use within their own communities.  The program also educates student delegates on the different types of disabilities and introduces them to adults living successfully with their disabilities.

WorldMontana and MYLF’s goal is to introduce both groups of student delegates to new cultures through interaction.  The cultures present will be the Native American, Iraqi, and Disabled cultures.  The programs hope to expand understanding and acceptance by all parties by introducing these new cultures to the groups.

The Iraq students will also attend the MYLF banquet Thursday, June 21 at the end of their summer program.  The banquet will feature guest speaker Blessing Offor, 26, a blind singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist who was a contestant on the TV series The Voice.  A dance will follow the banquet for the students to mingle and get to know one another better.

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