How can I participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program?
Foreign leaders participating in the International Visitor Program are professionals and emerging leaders in foreign countries who are nominated for the program by U.S. ambassadors in those countries. WorldMontana® does not play a role in the selection process.

How do I get a visa or sponsorship to come to the United States?
Individuals need to apply for sponsorship directly from their interested organizations or schools by following the application procedures set by those organizations before applying for a visa to come to the United States. Please visit http://www.state.gov to learn about visa application procedures for different countries.

Is WorldMontana® a convention and visitors bureau?
No. Please visit http://www.visitmt.com/  for information on tourism in Montana.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?
The Board of Directors meet every other month (6 times a year).

How can I obtain contact information for a certain board member?
Contact staff at info@worldmontana.org

Where can I find the Board of Directors nomination form?
Application guidelines and other application information can be downloaded from the WorldMontana® website on the Board of Directors’ page or by clicking HERE.

WorldMontana® NEWS
How can I receive the WorldMontana® Newsletter?
You may receive the WorldMontana® newsletter by signing up through our contact page.  Please click HERE and sign up!

How often is the WorldMontana® Newsletter published?
Six times a year.

How can I receive the E-News?
You may receive the WorldMontana® e-news by signing up online.  Click HERE for the online form.

Can I submit an article or discuss an idea for a contribution?
Contact staff at info@worldmontana.org to discuss newsletter contributions.

How can I become a supporter of  WorldMontana®?
You may become a supporter of WorldMontana® by signing up online.  Please click HERE for the application.

What benefits do supporters receive from WorldMontana®?
All WorldMontana® supporters receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to meet one-on-one, socially and professionally, with our distinguished visitors and guests.
  • Excellent opportunity to help build important business relationships and lasting friendships from around the world.
  • Special opportunities to meet with our friends and guests from countries around the world while helping them experience all Montana has to offer.
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