HOST DINNER: or email directly to Sasha Fendrick, Executive Director at 406- 447-4444 or email to  

DRIVERS for adult professional groups NEEDED in 2020! 


  • FEBRUARY 15 – 23, 2019 WorldMontana® will host an OPEN WORLD Program for six LOCAL LEGISLATORS FROM RUSSIAN FEDERATION. The delegates will spend time observing the legislative process and can gain  from seeing all aspects of the legislative process. The delegates will stay with American families. More details by phone 406-447-4444 or email to
  • APRIL 25 – MAY 1, 2019 WorldMontana® will be hosting an International Visitor Leadership Program on NGO Management for 5 delegates from BELARUS. They will have business meetings in Bozeman and Helena. More details by phone 406-447-4444 or email to
  • MAY 7 – 12, 2019 WorldMontana® will be hosting an International Visitor Leadership Program on Research and Investigation for a group of six Lusaphone  speaking journalists from Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Sao Tome and Principe. Their Montana agenda will include business meetings in Missoula and Helena. More details by phone 406-447-4444 or email to
  • MAY 16 – 22, 2019 WorldMontana® will host an OPEN WORLD Program for seven PARLIAMENTARY STAFFERS from GEORGIA. The delegates will stay with American families. More details by phone 406-447-4444 or email to
  • MAY 29 – JUNE 2, 2019 WorldMontana® will be hosting a program for 12 professional leaders from KAZAKHSTAN, TAJIKISTAN, TURKMENISTAN, UZBEKISTAN on Monitoring Air Pollution with professional meetings in Helena and Butte. More details by phone 406-447-4444 or email to
  • DECEMBER 13-19, WorldMontana® will host an OPEN WORLD Program  for six MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT from UKRAINE.  For more details please contact to Sasha Fendrick, Executive Director at 406-447-4444 or email to



  • Nov 20th-27th, WorldMontana® hostED a group of 6 professionals from BANGLADESH on the topic of MODERNIZING CIVIL DOCUMENTS AND VITAL RECORDS IN BANGLADESH. The group will have scheduled meetings in Helena and BUTTE. 


  • Oct 12th-18th, WorldMontana® hosted OPEN WORLD Program for six Parliament Members  and Staff from KYRGYZSTAN who will come to Montana to study governance and budgeting. The delegates stayed with American families.
  • Oct 18th-23rd, WorldMontana® hosted a group of 9 professionals from VIETNAM who will be in Montana to study THE FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN. The group will have scheduled meetings in Helena and Bozeman. 
  • Oct 23rd-26th, WorldMontana® hosted a group of 4 professionals from TURKMENISTAN on the subject of EARTHQUAKES AND NATURAL DISASTERS PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE. The group had meetings in Helena and Butte. 

September 2018

  • September 20th-25th, WorldMontana®  hosted a group of professionals from 12 AFRICAN COUNTRIES, including CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GUINEA, MALI, MAURITANIA, MOROCCO, NIGER, RWANDA, SOUTH AFRICA, SOUTH SUDAN, TANZANIA, TUNISIA on the program “NGOs & CIVIC ACTIVISM”.  The group have scheduled meetings in Helena and Billings. Their Montana program themes are: NGOs serving the needs of children; Recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers; Addressing needs in Native American Communities.
  • September 19th – 23rd, WorldMontana® hosted a group of professional leaders from AUSTRALIA, THE BAHAMAS, MAURITIUS, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, UNITED ARAB AMIRATES, VIETNAM on “NGO MANAGEMENT”. The visitors studies nonprofit management strategies: strategic planning and fundraising, Board development and volunteer management, Social Media and outreach strategies. That program was focused on social welfare and health, including elderly and children, disability and mental health, HIV/AIDS.
  • September 11th–17th, WorldMontana® hosted a group of professional leaders from Indo-Pacific Region (BHUTAN, BURMA, INDIA, INDONESIA, NEPAL, PHILIPPINES, SAMOA, SRI LANKA, VIETNAM) on “INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT” program.  Their Montana themes were: State and Local Government Infrastructure Planning; Policy and Regulatory Infrastructure Development; Improving Tribal Lands; Public-Private Partnerships;  Cooperation and Collaboration between Communities and Industries.
  • September 5th-11th, WorldMontana® hosted Journalists from IRAQ with the program to study INVESTIGATIVE & BUSINESS JOURNALISM. Their Montana program themes were: Educating the Next Generation of Responsible Journalists; Reporting on Local Issues and Government; Extraction Industry and Natural Resource Journalism.

July 2018

  • July 11th-25th, WorldMontana®  hosted a group of IRAQI HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS from the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) again. 12 participants (11 students plus 1 adult mentor) stayed with American families for 2 weeks. The program “Peacebuilding and Building Community Resilience” run successfully for the students and  WorldMontana®. Thank you to 10 host families for their generosity and kindness! Thank you to 22 program speakers who helped us to make succeed this project! To see photos please go to 

June 2018

  • June 21st-26th, WorldMontana®  hosted a LORD MAYOR FROM ZITAU, GERMANY in Helena and Bozeman, regarding the topic of Small Towns in a Globalized World. The program was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). The German Mayor met with Helena Mayor Wilmot J. Collins, learned about the Main Street Montana Project, met with Helena Young Professionals Association, the Bozeman Mayor, Cynthia Andrus, Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce, Prospera Business Network and The Women Business Center (WBC), and had a visit to Yellowstone National Park. WorldMontana Board Chair Ron Lukenbill and his wife Tatyana invited Mayor Zenker for dinner at their home. Jeff Tiberi, VP WorldMontana  helped with driving and cultural events.  To see photos please go to 

April 2018

  • April 21st-25th, 7 delegates from KUWAIT, FRANCE, LITHUANIA, MACEDONIA, SENEGAL, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, VIETNAM in law enforcement arrived to Montana on the topic of: Toward a More Safe and Secure World: Transnational Crime Issues. During their stay in Helena, the delegates had meetings with FBI Western Montana, Montana River Drug Task Force, Lewis & Clark County Sheriff, Montana’s Attorney General, Tim Fox, Criminal Administrator, Bryan Lockerby of the DCI, The Montana Army National Guard of Helena, Jason Smith, Director of Indian Affairs at the Governor’s office. The delegates also had the opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park and experience Helena’s home hospitality thanks to our host dinner families! A panel discussion was also organized for the delegates to discuss the balance between civil liberties and law enforcement. The moderator was Ron Waterman and the panelists included Mary Ann Dunwell, Legislator, ACLU Representative, Dan Pocha, Native American activist.
  • April 11th-17th, 10 delegates from BOTSWANA, EGYPT, ETHIOPIA, GUYANA, KENYA, NEPAL, PERU, ROMANIA, SEYCHELLES, and VIETNAMarrived to Montana to study Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation. Meetings included Montana Hunting Company, Dr. Paul Lachapelle and Dr. Jerry Johnson from MSU, Mr. Aaron Laur from WCEL, Yellowstone ranger, National Bison Range Complex and Blackfoot Challenge. The delegates also received home hospitality in Bozeman and Helena. Cultural events included Mount Helena hiking and sapphire mining work experience.
  • April 4th-10th, 7 women delegates from BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, BULGARIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, SPAIN, SWAZILAND, AND UKRAINE arrived to Montana to study: The U.S. Justice System: Protecting Women and Children. The program was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. During their stay in Montana, the delegates had professional meetings which included Montana Supreme Court Justice Judge, James Rice, Montana Lt. Governor, Mike Cooney, representatives of Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), Indian Law Resource Center, Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Montana Department of Corrections and District Court Judge, Jim Reynolds. Cultural events included home hospitality, tour of  Yellowstone National Park, tour of the Montana State Capitol and lunch with Helena Mayor, Wilmot J. Collins.

February 2018

  • Feb 2nd-10th, 5 Indigenous Peoples of RUSSIA delegates arrived to Montana to study the Preservation of Indigenous Cultures and Languages. The program was sponsored by Open World Program. During their visit to Montana, the delegates had professional meetings and cultural events in Helena, Bozeman and Pablo. The highlights of the group’s program included meetings at the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, Montana Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs, Senator Daines’ Office, City Manager office, guided tour of Montana Historical Society, POW WOW event at the Montana State Capitol, including a guided tour of the building by our WorldMontana® Board Member, Stephen Maly.

November 2017

  • Nov 7th-12th, 4 Azerbaijan visitors arrived in Bozeman to study Promoting and Supporting Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Some of the highlights of the program included a visit to Yellowstone National Park and meeting with the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce.

October 2017

  • Oct 5-10th, 16 women from 16 different countries arrived to Helena to study Entrepreneurship for women. Meetings included the Helena Chamber of Commerce, the Montana Department of Commerce, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Small Business Administration, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and LaunchPad at the Montana State University.  The group also visited Yellowstone National Park, the Helena Farmers’ Market, the Archie Bray Foundation, and the Montana State Capitol.

September 2017

  • Sep 20-26th, 11 visitors from 11 different countries (Cambodia, Egypt, Hungary, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, China, South Africa, Suriname, Turkey and Venezuela) arrived to Montana, where they spent 6 days in Bozeman and Helena to study Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation. Meetings included the World Commission on Environmental Law with the Executive Officer, Aaron Laur, The Montana Hunting Company, Working Dogs for Conservation, National Bison Ranch, and The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP).
  • Sep 23rd-27th, 7 African visitors from 7 different African countries (Ivory Coast, Morocco, Benin, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zimbabwe) arrived to Bozeman where they spent 4 days learning about Wildlife Conservation, Anti-Poaching and Anti-Trafficking. The African visitors went to Yellowstone National Park, where they met with Pete Webster, the Chief Ranger, to discuss the laws and regulations that were established to protect and maintain the natural state of the park. Some other highlights of their stay in Bozeman included The Museum of the Rockies, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) and Yellowstone Forever.

August 2017

  • Aug 1st-15th, 13 Iraqi high school students from the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) arrived to Helena this summer to study Peacebuilding and Reconciliation. Some of the highlights of their stay included our Host Families, ExplorationWorks, Grandstreet Theatre, volunteering at the Helena Food Share and visiting the Montana Historical Society, where they spent the day learning about the culture and traditions of the Native American and had the opportunity to dance, as well as play the Native American drums.
  • Aug 31st-Sep 6th, 5 mayors from different Arab Israel cities arrived to Helena to study Municipal Government Budget Management. Meetings included the Montana League of Cities and Towns, a tour of the Montana State Capitol by Andy Shirtliff, and a visit to Yellowstone National Park.

May 2017

  • May 20-28th, 6 Kazakhstan participants arrived to Montana and spent 8 days to study National Parks/Parks and Recreation. During their stay, the Kazakhstan visitors went to the Montana State Capitol, Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Historical Society.
  • May 22nd-27th, 4 visitors from Kazakhstan arrived to Montana to study Sustainable Agriculture and Trade.
  • May 1-4th, Russian Wildlife activists

April 2017

  • April 1st-5th, 5 Russian journalists arrived to Helena to study Promoting Press Freedom Through Journalism Education.
  • April 5-9th, 4 medical visitors from Kazakhstan arrived to Montana to study Marginalized Population and Health Care.
  • April 6-12th, 8 visitors from Africa (Lusophone) arrived to Montana to study Combating Wildlife Trafficking.
  • April 30th-May 4th, 12 visitors arrived to Montana to study Wildlife Conservation, Combatting Trafficking and Poaching.

March 2017

  • March 2-8th, 5 Kyrgyzstan Parliament members arrived to Helena to study Governance.

October 2016

  • October 8-12. Twelve Chinese educators came to Montana learning about Educaiton Management in the U.S. They got to concentrate on Native American education and visit schools and colleges on the Flathead Reservation and in Helena. The delegates also had meetings with officials from Indian Education for All, Carroll College faculty and students, and a visit to Exploration Works.

September 2016

  • September 18-22. Eleven visitors from Africa (Benin, Botswana, Burkina, Eauat, Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabou, Kenya, Nambia, Niger, Uganda, and Zambia) were in Montana researching wildlife trafficking issues. They got the opportunity to attend a welcoming benefit at the home of president Bill MacBride on September 20th.
  • September 20-25. Seven Russian environmentalists came to Helena to learn more about environmental issues with Jim Jensen of the Montana Environmental Information Center, focusing on similar issues in Russia, such as mining. Next they met with Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) headquarters and spoke with Bureau Chief, Ed Thamke, who will gave an overview of regulations in Montana. The group also got to  travel to Butte and get a tour of the Berkeley Pit and discussed how years of the mining presence in Butte has negatively impacted the natural environment. They returned back to Helena to meet with  Ed Thamke again who hosted the group for dinner that night. Their final weekend in Montana included making a trip to Glacier National Park to meet with environmentalist.

July 2016

  • July 9-23. Iraqi Young Leaders, Iraq.  Twelve Iraqi youth were able to visit Helena this summer.  During their stay they will visited Yellowstone National Park and attended a Powwow on the Carroll campus.
  • July 18-30.  Jovenes Youth, Mexico.  A group of fourteen youth from Mexico flew into Helena.  Some activities during their stay included a volunteer project at Helena Food Bank and a legislative workshop.

June 2016

  • June 4-12. Water Irrigation in Dry Climate, Kyrgyzstan.  A group of seven visited us from Kyrgyzstan.  While in Helena they met with Mayor Jim Smith and Representative Mary Ann Dunwell, (D) HD84 a State Representative from Helena.  They also traveled to Bozeman to visit the Water Reclamation Facility.
  • June 11-15.  Management of Forest Reserves in the United States, Botswana.  A group of eight visited us from Botswana.  While in Helena they studied, strengthening management effectiveness of forest reserves in the Chobe District, developing strategic frameworks for conservation and management of forest reserves, and deriving socio-economic and environmental benefits from the forest reserves.  During their trip they visited the State Department of Natural Resources and Yellowstone National Park.
  • June 1-5.  Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct, The Republic of Kosovo.  A group of three prosecutors visited us from Kosovo.  The objectives for the project included examining the best practices for criminal and non-criminal disciplinary investigations, studying the process for establishing and defining clear rules of conduct, conflict of interest standards and disciplinary procedures, examining the distinctions between misconduct and the need for professional development, and exploring the inherent challenges of investigating judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.  During their stay they met with professionals including District Court Judge Mike Menahan and Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad of Great Falls.

April 2016

  • April 14-19. Combating Wildlife Trafficking, Mozambique.  A delegation of seven from Mozambique visited Helena to assess U.S. efforts to deter poaching and trafficking of wildlife resources, to explore organizations that promote and support wildlife protection, to discuss international collaboration to combat wildlife poaching, and to examine the harmful impacts of international wildlife trafficking on political, economic, environmental, and social stability.  While in Montana they made trips to Yellowstone National Park, as well as the Bison Range.

March 2016

  • March 16-19. Women Leaders, South America, Spain.  Our Women Leaders delegation visited Carroll College, ExplorationWorks, the Yount Women Christian Association, the Women’s Foundation of Montana, and Montana Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs.  They also took a basic self-defense class at Atlas Fitness Sport Club in Helena.
  • March 19-23.  Child Welfare and the U.S. Justice System, Indonesia. During their stay out Child Welfare delegation met with Supreme Court Justice Jim Rice, visited the Office of the Governor, and toured Riverside Youth Correctional Facility.  They also toured Grant-Kohrs Ranch in Deer Park, Montana.
  • March 17-23.  Environmental Stewardship, China, Thailand, Indonesia.  The Environmental Stewardship delegation visited Yellowstone National Park and the Berkeley Pit during their stay.

February 2016

    • February 27- March 2.  Toxic Waste Management, Mongolia.  Dr. Jargalsaikhan Lkhasuren visited Montana as part of a program to learn about how US communities handle toxic waste. She visited Butte to see the Berkeley Pit and met with state and advocacy groups in Helena.  She also presented at World on Wednesday and the Artaza Center in Carroll College.

November 2015

  • Lower Mekong Initiative, Rural Access to Education, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma. A delegation of Southeastern Asian educators will be visiting Helena and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation to learn about rural education and the education of minority groups in a globalized world.

September 2015

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Building National Park Infrastructure, Russia A delegation of Russian national park managers will be visiting Helena, then springing off to Glacier Park to meet with Forest Service and US National Park managers. Their time in Helena will be bracketed by visits to other monumental US national parks such as the Grand Canyon.

August 2015

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Education, Employability, and Entrepreneurship, Pakistan. A delegation of young professionals from Pakistan will be visiting Helena at the end of August. A conference will be held at Carroll College to highlight how Montana handles small businesses and start-ups as well as the role diversity plays in a strong business.

August 2015

  • This summer families in Helena will be hosting a group of Iraqi high school students as they take workshops in leadership and learn about Montana’s environment and the steps that Montanans are taking now to preserve our rich environmental resources.
  • Iraqi students will experience American home life and the great Montana outdoors.

June 2015

  • A delegation of Russian teachers will be coming to study long distance and technology-rich learning across all levels of education. Hailing from disperse regions of Russia, these young professionals will be visiting Montana State University and the Bozeman School District during their trip to Montana.

May 2015

  • A South African delegate is  coming to Helena to examine mental health opportunities in Helena.  She will tour Farm in the Dell, Journey Home Center for Mental Health and Helena industries.

March 2015

  • Three Indonesian women interested in gender issues in Indonesia will be visiting Helena. The trip will be focused on state structures to prevent trafficking of persons and domestic violence, women in politics and leadership, the role of media and discussions with journalists, and grassroots advocacy.
  • Delegates will also be able to experience weekend excursion/cultural activities, as well as experience Montana Hospitality.

January 2015

  • International Visitor Leadership Program,  Accountable governance, Kyrgyzstan. This program will acquaint parliamentary staffers with the workings of legislative bodies in the United States. The local, state, and federal levels will be addressed. Delegates will be able to discuss best practices, transparency in legislation, and coordination between staffers.

January 2014

  • U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Youth Ambassadors of Brazil.  This program aims to develop a cadre of young adults in Brazil and the United States who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, a commitment to community development, an awareness of current & global issues and strong interpersonal leadership skills.
  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Ecotourism and Community Based Tourism, Kyrgyzstan. This program is organized to explore tourism standards and practices; how communities give input to the planning for tourism development and tourism facility development.

February 2014

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Gold Star, Vietnam. This program is designed around examining the direct impact of the International Visitor Leadership Program on participants, their communities, and their home countries.  The Gold Star participant will meet and interact with U.S. nonprofits engaged with policy advocacy and good governance; learn about social entrepreneurship and ideas for volunteer activities; explore issues surrounding HIV/AIDS; examine U.S. laws surrounding domestic violence and the protection of women and children.

March 2014

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, National Park Management, Russia. This program is organized to explore principal issues around how public–private partnerships can be used to develop revenue-generating programs and services such as snack bars, lodgings and gift shops; and explore how ecotourism and environmental education programs can attract and educate visitors.

April 2014

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Transparency in Federal, State and Local Government, Iraq.  This program will highlight the mechanisms that enable citizens to foster good governance, ethical standards, and accountability at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, ACCESS 10th Anniversary Workshop.  WorldMontana® is partnering with MSU’s Office of International Programs to host this Access alumni student program which will bring 24 young leaders (ages 18 and over) from disadvantaged communities all over the world to Washington, DC, and two other key urban and/or rural areas in the United States (one of which is Bozeman, MT).
  • International Visitors Leadership Program, Agriculture, Argentina.  This program is focused on examining the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and related government agencies’ programs to provide services to consumers, farmers, and rural America; and exploring university agricultural education, support, and research service.
  • International Visitors Leadership Program, Managing Cross-Border Water Resources, India.  This program aims to learn how government and private sector partners work together to provide clean water to communities; and explore how cities and rural areas manage water supply, sewage, sanitation, and drinking water quality.
  • International Visitors Leadership Program, Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation, Multi-Regional.  This program aims to explore governmental and nongovernmental programs designed to encourage biodiversity protection through sustainable land and water management practices and programs; and discuss how local and regional natural resources development and land management decisions influence biodiversity conservation efforts.

May 2014

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation, Multi-Regional.  This program is designed to explore U.S. efforts to protect biodiversity through environmental laws and protection policies; scientific research; advocacy efforts and environmental education.
  • Open World Leadership Center, Agriculture, Kyrgyzstan.  This program will look at agricultural issues in the state of Montana.
  • International Visitor Leadership Program, National Park Management, Thailand.  This program is designed to explore U.S. efforts to protect, manage and utilize National Parks in the states.

June 2014

  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Renewable Energy, Multi-Regional.  This program aims to explore U.S. energy policies at the federal, state and municipal levels including trends in energy production and distribution, alternative and renewable energy approaches, and related topics.
  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Tourism & Economic Development, Multi-Regional.  This program will examine strategies and policies to promote tourism locally, regionally and nationally and highlight the link between tourism and economic development.
  • International Visitor Leadership Program, Education, India. This program will focus on rural education, vocational and apprentice programs, and Native American partnerships in education.

July 2014

  • U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program.  This program aims to develop a cadre of young adults in Iraq and the United States who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, a commitment to community development, an awareness of current & global issues and strong interpersonal leadership skills.
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