Are you interested in getting involved with WorldMontana® ?  There are multiple opportunities to get connected with what WorldMontana is doing! Some of these opportunities include home hospitality, home stays, Great Decisions. The International Film Festival. and annual fundraisers such as Magnificent 7!

Home Hospitality:  Home Hospitality allows you to host international delegates for a meal. The meal does not need to be elaborate, rather this is a simple way to connect with people from across the world while enjoying a bite to eat. This can be a wonderful experience and opportunity to meet fascinating people!

Home Stay: Home stays take hospitality a step further with overnight home stays for international delegates.

International Film Festival: This event is coordinated by WorldMontana® and others at Montana State University and runs for 5-6 weeks each Spring. Each film is selected for its ability to describe the human spirit in challenging times – across different cultures, different dilemmas; but same human emotions and responses.  Local experts help to facilitate a discussion after the viewing of each film.

Magnificent 7: One of the WorldMontana® annual fundraisers!  This event occurs each Fall and consists of seven nights of international cuisine in various  WorldMontana® supporters’ homes.  If you love tasting new dishes, exciting conversation and making new friends you won’t want to miss this!

® welcomes new supporters who would like to meet with their foreign counterparts, and local residents who would enjoy inviting a foreign leader to their home for dinner. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

1601 N. Benton Ave
Helena, MT 59625

Telephone: 406.447.4444


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