WorldMontana®  works to promotes citizen diplomacy. WorldMontana® supporters live by the credo that in a democracy the individual citizen has the right – indeed, the responsibility – to help shape foreign relations, “one handshake at a time.” Through participation in person-to-person exchanges, Americans across the country open their homes, offices, schools, and agencies to colleagues from abroad. Citizen diplomacy has proven to be an important adjunct to statecraft as citizens have the opportunity to engage with the rest of the world in a meaningful, mutually beneficial way.

The National Council for International Visitors is celebrating its first half century of promoting excellence in citizen diplomacy. MCIV supports a nationwide network of member organizations including WorldMontana® that welcome international visitors to the United States in the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program and other exchange programs.

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NCIV Citizen Diplomacy – One Handshake at a Time

I am a Citizen Diplomat

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