WorldMontana® welcomes over 170 international visitors annually. Our visitors come from very diverse backgrounds, ranging in age and profession, with a wide array of interests. The visitors each travel with a focus prescribed by the United States Department of State. WorldMontana® schedules meetings, interactions, and trips with local citizens who can speak to the professional interests of the visitors. Montana, with its rich natural, mining and agricultural history, attracts many visitors seeking to understand the impact of these characteristics on our lives. We also host visitors who are interested in topics spanning from law enforcement to child adoption policy. There is a vast field of opportunities for our visitors.

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Past international visitors have gained new and interesting insights on American culture and practices.

“The meetings allowed me to gain a better understanding of Yellowstone National Park’s administrative sector and the conservation organizations that it partners with.”
Environmental Protection, ’10

“Thanks to the MCIV staff, all of the meetings were organized in a highly professional manner and all areas of interest were covered.”
Accountable Governance, ’10

“I think America is a ‘bed of roses.’ If there is a place that has hospitality, it is America. I wish to come back.”
Conservation Policy, ’10

“The people were very kind in Montana. I was happy to meet some locals at home hospitality. We learned very much from each other.”
Environmental Protection, ’10

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